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    Spotlights on the Certifications Received by Dave's Body Shop

    Last updated 5 days ago

    When you are in need of auto body repair, it’s important to choose the most qualified shop around. One way a shop can demonstrate its competence is through certifications—and Dave’s Body Shop has a lot of those. 

    Dave’s Body Shop is I-CAR Gold certified, which means that all of our employees are highly trained, skilled, and knowledgeable in auto body repair. The Gold Class sign indicates that we are familiar with the industry’s safety standards and will perform the highest quality of repairs. If you drive an Audi in Utah, you will be happy to know that Dave’s Body Shop is also Audi certified. We have plenty of hands on experience with Audi parts, tools, and technologies. We are also a Ford Certified auto body shop.

    If you would like to know more about the certifications received by Dave’s Body Shop, give us a call at (385) 235-8136. We are proud to consider ourselves Utah’s home for auto body and collision repair. You can find out more about our services by visiting our website or stopping by to see us.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

    Last updated 12 days ago

    Choosing an auto body shop is an important decision that deserves careful deliberation, as the wrong shop may lead to costly repairs and wasted time. Fortunately, this process can be made easy by following a few simple steps. Here are a few tips for choosing the right auto body shop.


    When it comes to choosing the right auto body shop, it’s always a good idea to talk to your friends and family. Find out if you know anyone who has recently requested the services of an auto body shop and inquire about their experience. If they received the quality of work that they had expected, you may want to look into that shop for yourself. If they had a negative experience, however, you can cross that shop off of your list and look elsewhere.


    Modern technology makes research very simple. You can learn a great deal about almost any business by conducting basic research on the Internet. There are plenty of websites that are dedicated to customer reviews of all different kinds of services. Find potential auto shops using these websites and browse through the feedback left by recent customers to get a sense of their reputation and overall quality. In most cases you can also visit an auto body shop’s website. This will typically offer you a great deal of information including history, services, and a media gallery.


    You can also gauge an auto body shop’s quality and reputation by its certification. Look into its standings with the Better Business Bureau and other related entities. Certain shops are certified by specific car companies like Audi or Ford. This means that they are trained in their methods and use original parts, so it may be helpful to choose a reputable auto body shop that is certified to work with your car.

    Choose the right auto body shop and come in to Dave’s Body Shop. We serve the Utah area with collision repair and other auto body services. We are certified with Assured Performance, and our technicians are certified Ford collision repair experts. If you would like to know more about our auto body repair services, please visit our website or call us at (385) 235-8136.

    A Look at Some Auto Body Prep Tools

    Last updated 19 days ago

    The first step in any auto body service is preparation. There are a variety of tools that auto body technicians may use to prepare an automobile for some kind of service. Rubber gloves are common auto body prep tools because they protect the mechanic while also protecting the surfaces being worked on. When it comes to preparing for a paint job, semi-aggressive cleaning pads, disposable towels, and wax and grease remover are used. Other auto body prep tools may include masking paper and compressed air. Watch this video for a closer look at these and other auto body prep tools. 

    Dave’s Body Shop is proud to serve the Utah area with a variety of auto body services, including collision repair and paint matching. Visit our website or call us at (385) 235-8136 to learn why we are West Jordan’s preferred auto body repair shop. 

    Avoid a Collision During the Winter with These Safety Tips

    Last updated 26 days ago

    The winter presents a variety of obstacles when it comes to safe driving. Inclement weather may impair visibility and icy roads can sometimes compromise your ability to maneuver your vehicle. Fortunately, safe driving is not entirely out of your hands. Read on to learn how to avoid a collision during the winter with these safe driving tips. 


    There are a number of ways that you can prepare your car when it comes to driving during the winter. If you are a new driver, practice driving in the cold in an open space such as a parking lot so that you can get a feel for how the car handles on wet, icy roads. Make sure that you have an emergency kit on board that includes jumper cables, a flashlight, and a shovel in case you get stuck in the snow. Just like any other season, you should be maintaining your automobile properly. Check the antifreeze and make sure the tires are properly inflated.


    Staying focused while driving during the winter can help you avoid collisions. Everyone in your car should be wearing a seatbelt while the car is in motion, and small children should be secured in child safety seats. Children under the age of 13 should typically sit in the back seat, and you should be cognizant of where the vehicle’s airbags are located.


    Even the most confident drivers should exercise caution during the winter. Give other drivers extra space and always be aware of pedestrian traffic. Snow, sleet, and hail may affect drivers’ visibilities differently, so keep in mind that traffic may not move the way it normally would. Drive slowly and make sure that you alternate drivers for longer road trips, as fatigue can be especially dangerous in this situation.

    If you find yourself in a collision during the winter, call Dave’s Body Shop at (385) 235-8136. We specialize in collision repair and serve the entire Utah area with a variety of auto body services. Please visit our website or stop by our auto body shop to learn how we can put your car back together again and get you back on the road. 

    Eco-Friendly Services from Dave's Body Shop

    Last updated 1 month ago

    At Dave’s Body Shop, we’re as committed to helping the environment as we are to helping our customers. That’s why our auto body shop exceeds all EPA requirements for auto repair facilities. We recycle everything from excess paint to cardboard, aluminum, anti-freeze, oil, and metal scrap. We also only use low VOC products, since VOCs have been found to be a major contributing factor to our planet’s shrinking ozone layer. 

    If you live in West Jordan, UT and need exceptional auto body repair, bring your vehicle to Dave’s Body Shop. Not only are we one of the most eco-friendly auto body shops in Utah, but we’re also one of the oldest and most trusted. Visit our website to learn more about our collision repair services, or call us at (385) 235-8136 to schedule an appointment for your vehicle

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Dave's Body Shop is Eco-Friendly!

Dave’s Body Shop exceeds all EPA requirements for auto repair. We recycle; everything from excess paint to cardboard, aluminum, anti-freeze, oil and metal, and we are committed to minimizing our impact on mother earth. For more information contact Dave's Body Shop at (801) 566-3906.

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