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    Quick Tips for Preventing Automotive Rust

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Automotive rust is unsightly. Left to its own devices, it can also negatively impact your car’s resale value and even affect its performance. Thankfully, automotive rust is entirely preventable. By washing your car at least once every two weeks, waxing it once a month, and storing it in a covered garage or under a protective cover, you should be able to avoid almost all serious rust damage. Additional steps that can help you keep your car rust-free are rinsing it off any time you return from driving it in snow and applying a sealant on any areas of your car on which the paint has been damaged. 

    If you encountered these tips too late and would like to rid your car of the rust that has accumulated since you last had body work done on it, Dave’s Body Shop in West Jordan can help. Serving the Salt Lake Valley, we can offer collision repair and auto body detail services you can trust. Call us today at (888) 902-8220 to arrange an appointment to have your automotive rust damage reversed as much as possible.

    How Aluminum Technology Is Revolutionizing the Auto Body Industry

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Recent studies and changes in regulation suggest that the auto body industry will undergo a significant transformation over the next decade or so. Namely, aluminum will replace steel as the primary component of automobile exteriors, or at least pickup trucks. To learn more about why this is and what you can expect from this change, continue reading.

    Why the Switch to Aluminum?

    A growing interest in energy consciousness may have inspired the development of the aluminum-based material that may soon make up a great percentage of auto bodies. Tighter emissions regulations, however, are what make the aluminum auto body technology revolution seem inevitable. Aluminum auto body sheets are significantly lighter than the steel alloys used in most car exteriors today, and research has shown that motor vehicles enjoy a noticeable increase in fuel efficiency for every hundred pounds that can be trimmed from their auto body weight.

    How This Change Affects Consumers

    According to a recent study by Ducker Worldwide, some 70% of pickup trucks could be aluminum-based by the year 2025. A large-scale movement toward the production of aluminum-based auto bodies could cause an increase in production costs, thus also pushing up the costs of purchasing and having auto body work carried out on aluminum-based trucks and other vehicles. Such increases are far from certain, however, and would unlikely be that dramatic given the current availability of aluminum.

    The F-150 Case Study

    Ford F-150 prototypes with aluminum alloy cargo boxes have already been tested for the better part of three years. The prototypes were given to gold miners, construction workers, and a utility company, who together clocked more than 350,000 miles without being told that the trucks were aluminum-based or discerning any difference on their own. No rusting occurred, and the trucks performed at least as well as their steel-based predecessors.

    Regardless of how these anticipated changes pan out, Dave’s Body Shop in West Jordan will be sure to keep pace with them. We use only the highest quality parts and products to repair the vehicles our customers bring to us, and will continue to do so. To speak with a knowledgeable representative about our collision repair services, give us a call at (888) 902-8220.

    How a Car Is Painted at the Body Shop

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When you look at a car that is fresh from the manufacturer or has recently been painted at a body shop, you can tell that the paint job was not the work of an amateur. If you have ever been curious about how body shop paint jobs work, check out this brief video. In the clip, an expert walks the viewer through the process, from the way the paint is applied to the method by which it is blended to create a professional-looking evenness.

    Does your automobile’s exterior no longer look the way it once did due to fading or stains caused by bird droppings, spilled beverages,or fallen tree sap? If you would like to have your car repainted by an auto body professional in the Salt Lake Valley, call Dave’s Body Shop in West Jordan at (888) 902-8220. 

    Some Common Causes of Car Paint Damage

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Your car is one of your most prized possessions, and you want to keep it running well and looking as great as possible. While proper maintenance and care on your end should keep you from having to make frequent trips to your preferred auto body shop, there are several common causes of car paint damage that call for an auto body expert to work his or her magic on your car’s exterior. These include:

    Spilled Coffee

    You are running late for work and decide to grab a cup of coffee on the way rather than drink a cup at home before you leave. You need one hand to dig into your purse or pocket for your key and another to open the car door once the key is in the lock, so you set your steaming hot cup of coffee on the hood of your car. Perhaps a wind comes out of nowhere and blows it off. Perhaps you knock it over. Perhaps you forget that it is on top of your car and start to drive away. Regardless of how it happened, you have a mess on your hands because the acidic beverage will begin eating away at your paint.

    Bird Droppings

    The effect that bird droppings can have on your car’s paint is not actually that different from the effect that spilled coffee can have on it. The primary difference is that bird droppings are much more disgusting, Wash your car immediately after discovering bird droppings on the hood, roof, or doors, or you may have to pay a visit to the autobody shop for a paint touch-up.

    Dribbled Gasoline

    Have you ever noticed how car paint seems worse for wear around the gas cap area than almost anywhere else on a car? This is because spilled gasoline, a common problem for any driver who tries to top off his or her gas tank or fails to shake those last few drops into the tank before pulling out, is anathema to car paint.

    Located in West Jordan, Utah, Dave’s Body Shop has been beautifying car exteriors since 1942. If you are a Salt Lake Valley resident whose automobile requires collision repair, could use a paint job, or needs other exterior auto body work services, give us a call at (888) 902-8220. 

    The Aluminum Workbay at Dave's Body Shop

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Not all body shops are the same. Like most other industries, auto body repair is a highly competitive field whose players have varying degrees of skill and professionalism. Dave’s Body Shop is proud to be one of the finest auto body shops in Utah, and home to the state’s only state-of-the-art aluminum workbay. 

    Aluminum is quickly replacing traditional steel in modern vehicle construction. Many high-end vehicles have been using aluminum panels for years, and the new Ford F-150 boasts an all-new, lightweight aluminum unibody structure. While aluminum is great for improving fuel economy, repairing it takes a certain level of skill. Dave’s Body Shop boasts special tools and technicians who are uniquely qualified to handle all aluminum repairs. Since aluminum will likely become a huge part of the auto industry in coming years, the aluminum workbay at Dave’s Body Shop gives us a significant edge over the competition.   

    If you’re looking for aluminum auto body repairs, trust the expert technicians at Dave’s Body Shop. You can call our West Jordan shop at (888) 902-8220 to learn all about our collision repair services. 

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