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    Inside the Headlight Restoration Process

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Your car’s headlights are one of its most important safety features. Over the miles, your headlights can become cloudy and oxidized. When your headlights are clouded, you will not be as visible to other cars on the road. To restore the quality and visibility of your headlights, you can choose to provide your vehicle with a Headlight Restoration service. During this service, a technician will remove cloudy residue and return your headlights to full visibility. Using a mechanical polisher, the technician will ensure that your headlights offer you fantastic visibility for all of your driving needs.

    If your car headlights are in need of service, contact Dave’s Body Shop of Salt Lake City by calling (888) 902-8820. Our friendly technicians will provide your car with a full range of auto body and collision repair services. We look forward to providing you with a fantastic auto body repair experience.

    How Insurers Determine If Your Car Is Totaled

    Last updated 4 months ago

    You may have heard friends or family members who have been involved in light to moderate fender benders complain that their cars were “totaled.” Though this term is used colloquially to refer to any apparently extensive visible auto body damage that a car suffers after a collision, insurance companies have a more precise definition that they use to determine when a car has been “totaled.”

    Car insurance companies will consider a vehicle “totaled” if it is damaged so badly that it is not worth repairing. Though the precise figure varies from company to company, most consider a car totaled when the cost to repair it exceeds 70% of the car’s value. Generally, older cars are more likely to be totaled in minor accidents, while it may take a very serious and potentially fatal collision to total a car that is less than two years old.

    If you have been involved in a collision and your car was not totaled, contact Dave’s Body Shop to schedule repairs. Our auto body repair experts specialize in restoring cars to a like-new appearance after collisions. You can reach us by calling (888) 902-8220.

    More Safety Tips on How to Stay Safe When Driving in the Rain

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Fall has arrived, and with the changing of the seasons comes colder and wetter weather. When you are driving in a rainstorm, it is important to practice safe driving habits. By staying calm, alert, and attentive, you will reduce your chances of being in a collision. To help you ensure that you and your vehicle are safe on the road, check out these safety tips for driving in the rain.

    Slow Down

    When you are driving in a rainstorm, your first action should be to slow down. As rain falls on the road, it creates slippery driving conditions. By slowing down, you will increase your ability to stop whenever necessary. When you slow down your vehicle, you will also reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

    Maintain a Safe Following Distance

    As a general rule, it is important to always leave a three-second following distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. When you are driving in the rain, it is essential to maintain this following distance at all times. Leaving enough space between your car and other vehicles will help you avoid collisions and reduce the likelihood of your windshield getting sprayed by water from tires.

    Avoid Standing Water

    Whenever possible, you should avoid driving through deep patches of standing water. From the driver’s seat of your car, it is very difficult to gauge the depth of water that is standing on the road. If you drive through a puddle that is too deep, you run the risk of flooding your engine and stalling your vehicle.

    At Dave’s Body Shop, we provide a full range of top-quality body work and collision repair services. If you are involved in a weather-related traffic incident, our auto body experts can restore your vehicle to peak condition. To make a repair appointment for your vehicle, visit our website or give us a call at (888) 902-8820.

    Essential Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Car

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Winter weather is on its way, and now is the perfect time to make sure that your car is ready to withstand colder temperatures. As the outdoor air temperature begins to drop, some of your car’s most important systems will experience greater wear and strain. By maintaining your car for the winter, you will ensure that your vehicle provides you with great performance during the coldest months of the year. Here is an overview of some essential winter maintenance tips for your car.

    Check Your Battery

    Your car battery can lose its charge during freezing temperatures. Before the winter sets in, you should check the condition and quality of your battery. If you notice that your battery has begun to corrode or lose its charge, you may want to consider purchasing a new battery for your car.

    Schedule a Brake Inspection

    Properly working brakes are a necessity for driving on slippery winter roads. To ensure that your car is ready for winter, you should schedule a brake inspection. By making sure that your brakes are in proper working condition, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are safe to drive in winter conditions.

    Change Your Tires

    If you live in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you may want to consider changing your tires for the winter. Snow tires are designed to provide you with exceptional traction and driving ability, even on wet and slippery roads. Whether you install snow tires or not, it is important to make sure that your tire treads are in good condition before the start of winter.

    For assistance with your winter car maintenance needs, contact Dave’s Body Shop. Our auto body and collision repair experts can ensure that your car is in fantastic shape, all year long. To schedule a repair appointment for your car at our Salt Lake City-area shop, give us a call at (888) 902-8820.

    Staying Safe on Rainy Roads

    Last updated 5 months ago

    When you are driving in the rain, it is important to manage your visibility and speed. If you are travelling too fast on a rainy road, you run the risk of hydroplaning. For more wet weather driving information, watch this video.

    In this clip, you’ll find out why hydroplaning occurs. You will learn why you need to reduce your speed when driving in rainy weather and how much you should reduce your speed by. The video also provides information about the importance of keeping your tires in good shape to stay safe in rainy weather.

    At Dave’s Body Shop, our technicians can provide you with all of your auto body and collision repair needs. Call our Salt Lake City location at (888) 902-8820 to make an appointment for your car today.

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